Behind the Scene: Homebrewing for VCBF

Since we have been asked to bring homebrewed beer to the Vleteren Craft Beer Festival on June 10th in Oostvleteren, Belgium, we documented the entire process and published photos with comments on our Facebook Page. In the end we decided on two batches of Tripel and two batches of Saison for the festival.


There are seven parts of the process available for your pleasure.


Homebrewing Prototypes for Vleteren Craft Beer Festival

Part 1 – Prototyping two lager beers for fermentation evaluation

Part 2 – We’re brewing a modern Belgian Tripel

Part 3 – We’re brewing the second batch of a modern Belgian Tripel

Part 4 – Transfering our Tripel off the yeast to secondary fermentation

Part 5 – Brewing Modern Session Saison & kegging a Tripel

Part 6 – Brewing Modern Session Saison Batch #2

Part 7 – Kegging Modern Session Saison Batch #1 & #2