Sometimes we are being mentioned in the press and online, here are some links to pique your curious mind.

2019-01-24 Link

Jens Skrubbe writes about our collaboration brew for Pressklubben.


Interview in BeerNews about our new brewery in Sundbyberg.

2017-08-14 Link

Interview in BeerNews for their summer series asking six questions to known Swedish brewers.

2017-08-14 Link

Featured in the report by BeerNews at the Vleteren Craft Beer Festival in Belgium, including mugshot photo.

2017-08-14 Link

Mentioned in BeerNews regarding attending the Vleteren Craft Beer Festival in Belgium.

2017-02-10 Link

Danko Power is featured in the third edition of the brick thick book All Belgian Beers.

2017-02-10 Link

The beer blog Belgisk Öl Enligt Skrubbe mentioned Danko Beer attending the Vleteren Craft Beer Festival 2017.

2016-12-08 Link

The beer blog Alf Tycker Om Öl attended our Local Beta 02 release event and posted about it on Instagram.

2016-10-13 Link
Read a well written interview with half of Danko Beer over at BeerNews, the definite news site regarding beer in Sweden.

2016-10-12 Link

Veteran beer blogger Gyllenbock visited Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival and said that our Local Beta 01 Tripel was one of the absolutely best beers on the entire festival.

2016-10-06 Link
The incredibly nice and legendary Christian “CC” Eikner interviewed half of Danko Beer in Sweden’s biggest Podcast, Ölpodden. We try some Danko Beer and talk about our past, present and future.

2016-10-02 Link
Ölsvammel liked our Local Beta 01 Tripel beer.

2016-10-01 Link
Ölsvammel mentioned Danko Beer in their list of ten things to try at Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival.

2016-09-25 Link
BeerNews asked Stefan “Ölsvammel” Björnsbacka about the three most anticipated things to try at Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival.