Paragon Imperial Stout

Paragon Special Reserva & Paragon

It’s been half a year in the making, maturing this hefty 14% abv Imperial Stout on 20 year old Whiskey oak barrels. It all began with the biggest and hardest brew week in the history of Danko Beer, resulting in a high gravity beer starting out at OG 1.130. The list of ingredients are 100% natural, we don’t do pastry beers and avoid essences or chemicals. However, we put everything in this beer. Ten malts. Coffee beans, honey, muscovado, cassonade, vanilla, kakao you name it.

The Special Reserva is a highly limited edition with 100% unblended barrel aged beer whereas regular Paragon is back-blended with barrel aged and non-barrel aged versions of the same beer. These beers are ridiculously over the top, you should try them both before they’re gone.

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