Paragon Imperial Stout

Paragon Special Reserva & Paragon

It’s been half a year in the making, maturing this hefty 14% abv Imperial Stout on 20 year old Whiskey oak barrels. It all began with the biggest and hardest brew week in the history of Danko Beer, resulting in a high gravity beer starting out at OG 1.130. The list of ingredients are 100% natural, we don’t do pastry beers and avoid essences or chemicals. However, we put everything in this beer. Ten malts. Coffee beans, honey, muscovado, cassonade, vanilla, kakao you name it.

The Special Reserva is a highly limited edition with 100% unblended barrel aged beer whereas regular Paragon is back-blended with barrel aged and non-barrel aged versions of the same beer. These beers are ridiculously over the top, you should try them both before they’re gone.



Som ni har väntat!

Äntligen släpper vi Sundbybärs, en ofiltrerad lageröl bryggd i stil enligt den Sydtyska källarölen. Oanständigt drickbar, ren som en fjällbäck.

Sundbybärs kommer bara gå att dricka i Sundbyberg, så det var en självklarhet att de första faten skulle serveras i den gemytliga kyrkan hos våra kära kollegor och vänner på Sundbybergs Köksbryggeri!

Onsdagen den 22:a Maj klockan 16:30 öppnar vi kranarna.

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Länk till Sundbybärs på Untappd
Länk till Sundbybergs Köksbryggeri


Danko Beer Premiere at Bishops Arms Sundbyberg 13/3

It’s taken several months of rebuilding the brewery and brewing beer, but now it’s finally time for you to drink it!

We’re having a release event 18:00 on Wednesday the 13th of March at our closest craft beer pub, Bishops Arms Sundbyberg, situated 500 meter from our brewery. That is as local as drinking beer gets.

Event on Facebook here

Danko Beer Stefans Lager

Stefans Lager is a modern take on an unfiltered keller bier, at a modest 4.3% abv so that you can have more. We’ve dry hopped it every so slightly with Mosaic and Citra. Stefan is the bar manager at the pub. His name is Stefan Lager. Yes. Really. 

Please drop by to hang out with us and drink some beer together.


Link to Release Event on Facebook
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Link to Bishops Arms Sundbyberg


Behind the Scene: Homebrewing for VCBF

Since we have been asked to bring homebrewed beer to the Vleteren Craft Beer Festival on June 10th in Oostvleteren, Belgium, we documented the entire process and published photos with comments on our Facebook Page. In the end we decided on two batches of Tripel and two batches of Saison for the festival.


There are seven parts of the process available for your pleasure.


Homebrewing Prototypes for Vleteren Craft Beer Festival

Part 1 – Prototyping two lager beers for fermentation evaluation

Part 2 – We’re brewing a modern Belgian Tripel

Part 3 – We’re brewing the second batch of a modern Belgian Tripel

Part 4 – Transfering our Tripel off the yeast to secondary fermentation

Part 5 – Brewing Modern Session Saison & kegging a Tripel

Part 6 – Brewing Modern Session Saison Batch #2

Part 7 – Kegging Modern Session Saison Batch #1 & #2


Attending Vleteren Craft Beer Festival

We have been asked to bring Danko Beer on tap to the upcoming Vleteren Craft Beer Festival, aka “Black Damnation Days 2017” on the 10th and 11th of June in Oostvleteren, Belgium.

It is beyond our comprehension but a great honor to get this opportunity and rub shoulders with many of the greatest craft breweries from all over the world.

Facebook Event here

Festival Website here

Once a Homebrewer, Always a Homebrewer

Even though we’ve been professional and commercial brewers for several years by now, we do still brew a lot of beer at home. As a hommage to the Belgian Homebrewing scene we will bring two homebrewed recipes and pour them from tap.


VCBF 2017

Vleteren Craft Beer Festival 2017


Local Beta 02 Saison Release

In order to brighten up the life of Stockholmians we are having one more Local Beta release this year so that the local people here can drink some super fresh beer with us.

The release event is taking place on Thursday the 8th of December at Belgobaren, Bryggargatan 12 in Stockholm. We start pouring beer from 17:00 and onwards.

Danko Beer will obviously be hanging out at the bar with you to answer any of your piqued questions or just some friendly banter.

You can find the Event here on Facebook and here on RateBeer.

See you there!



Featured in BeerNews.se

Half of Danko Beer was interviewed over at BeerNews, the leading news site on Beer in Sweden.

Article can be found here!

“Jag vill inte göra hundra olika öl, jag vill göra bra öl, säger han.” – Tomas Danko, BeerNews.se

DankoBeer in BeerNews.se

DankoBeer in BeerNews.se


Local Beta 01 Tripel Release

We will launch our very first Local Beta beer on Tuesday the 20th of September at Monk’s American Bar, Sveavägen 39, Stockholm. Taps will be pouring from 18:00 and onwards.

Naturally Danko Beer will also be there, this time on your side of the bar, to hang out and have a good time. Don’t hesitate to chat us up about any questions you may have. Or even if it’s just to talk about other, more fun, stuff in life.

You can find the Event here on Facebook.

See you there!